In the latest novel "Between Two Suns," the family's "hope for a bright new future with the dawning of the Reconstruction era following the Civil War."

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Larry Hamilton, great-great grandson of Lucy Sams, authored these historical novels and compelling stories of Lucy’s life during the Civil War as a slave in Madison County, Kentucky, through her flight to Camp Nelson, a haven of refuge. Book II is the continuing saga.

Lucy’s Story:  Right Choices But Wrongs Still Left

Larry Hamilton, great-great grandson of Lucy...

Between Two Suns: The Berean Experience

Between Two Suns: The Berean Experience is Book...

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On the 25th anniversary of the television miniseries Roots: The Saga of an American Family, I wrote a commentary that began:

Some call it fate.  Alex Haley described it as “a meant-to-be series of incidents.”  But, as one who was baptized in the Predestinarian Baptist Church in Loveland, Ohio (a Cincinnati suburb) I know it to be something even deeper, that which was preordained and divinely sanctioned.

One of the occurrences in the meant-to-be series of incidents was the choice I made on November 19th of 1975 to take members of my black history class at Piqua High School on a field trip to nearby Wright State University to hear a speaker named Alex Haley.  It was indeed a spiritual and transforming experience.

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November 13, 2010 |


Hello Family & Friends, I made a presentation last month (10/19/10) at the Piqua Library to the Miami County...

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